Industrial Odor Control and Ozone

HY-015 ozone generator in Fire Restoration-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------product parameter : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Model&n

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HY-015 ozone generator in Fire Restoration
Industrial Odor Control and Ozone

Industrial Odor Control and Ozone

Industrial Odor Control and Ozone

product parameter : 
Model HY-015HY-015HY-016HY-017
Ozone production 40g/h 60g/h 80g/h 100g/h  
Ozone concentration 15-30mg/l15-30mg/l 15-30mg/l 15-30 mg/l 
Technology Corona discharge
Ozone tube Quartz tube 
Material 304 stainless steel
Cooling  Water cooling+air cooling 
Power 480w850w1020w1140w
Dimension 55*40*100cm55*40*113cm55*40*124cm55*40*133cm
Net weight 33kg 40kg 65kg 68kg 

Application : 

How does ozone work ?

1. The principle of ozone sterilization

Ozone (O3) is an allotrope of oxygen. It is a light blue gas with a special odor. Its molecular structure is triangular, with a bond angle of 116°, its density is 1.5 times that of oxygen, and its solubility in water is 10 times that of oxygen. Ozone is a strong oxidant, its redox potential in water is 2.07V, second only to fluorine (2.5V), its oxidation capacity is higher than that of chlorine (1.36V) and chlorine dioxide (1.5V), and it can destroy the decomposing bacteria. The cell wall quickly diffuses into the cell, oxidatively decomposes the glucose oxidase necessary for oxidizing glucose inside the bacteria, and can also directly interact with bacteria and viruses to destroy cells, RNA, and decompose DNA ( Polymers such as DNA, RNA, proteins, lipids, and polysaccharides destroy the metabolic and reproductive processes of bacteria. The killing of bacteria by ozone is caused by the disruption of the cell membrane. This process is called cell dissociation because the cytoplasm is comminuted in water and cells cannot be regenerated under dissipated conditions. It should be pointed out that, unlike hypochlorous acid disinfectants, the bactericidal ability of ozone is not affected by the change of pH value and ammonia, and its bactericidal capacity is 600-3000 times larger than that of chlorine. Its sterilization and disinfection effects occur almost instantaneously. When the ozone concentration is 0.3-2mg/L in water, bacteria can be killed within 0.5-1min.

1 Viruses Ozone has been shown to have a very strong killing effect on viruses. For example, at a concentration of 0.05-0.45 mg/L ozone, the Poloi virus loses its activity within 2 minutes.
2 The cysts were completely removed at a concentration of 0.3 mg/L ozone for 2.4 minutes.
3 Spores Due to the protection of the spore coat, it is 10-15 times more resistant to ozone than the growing bacteria.
4 Fungi Candida albicans and penicillium can be killed.
5 Parasites Schistosoma mansoni was killed after 3 min.

2 Ozone deodorizes water bodies

The substances that generate odorduring the sewage treatment process are mainly composed of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur.
Only a few odor-producing substances are inorganic compounds such as ammonia, phosphorus, and hydrogen sulfide; most of the odor-producing substances are organic compounds such as low-molecular fatty acids, amines, aldehydes, ketones, ethers, and the like. According to the analysis of the influent status of the wastewater treatment plant where I was located, 80% of the influent water is domestic sewage, ie, the content of organic matter is very high, and the content of inorganic compounds is relatively small.
Most of the odor-producing substances are organic compounds, such as low-molecular fatty acids, amines, aldehydes, ketones, ethers, etc. These substances all have active groups, are prone to chemical reactions, are particularly easily oxidized, and have strong ozone. Oxidation characteristics, oxidation of active groups, odor disappeared, so as to achieve the principle of deodorization.
In addition to the odor removal, ozone can also prevent the re-production of odors. This is because the gas generated by the ozone generator contains a lot of oxygen or air, and the odor-producing substances are easy to cause odor in the absence of oxygen, using ozone. Treatment, oxidation and deodorization at the same time, the formation of oxygen-rich environment, can prevent the re-production of odors. The improvement of the sewage treatment environment in the urban sewage treatment plant is still relatively large.

3 Decolorization of water by ozone

With the attention paid to the tap water source environment and the reuse of secondary treatment water for sewers, secondary treatment water destaining has received attention.
As for the color and taste caused by humus, the water color averages 10 degrees. Up to 20 degrees. Such chromas rely on general cohesion sedimentation and sand filtration processes that do not achieve adequate water quality standards, and may even exceed the worst-case criteria. After the ozone treatment, the color can be reduced to less than 1 degree. The reason for the coloring of tap water is that the content of iron and manganese is too much. If these metals are in the free state, the conventional method can be fully removed. If humus is present in the raw water, chromium salts are sometimes formed and it is very difficult to perform conventional treatment. Therefore, color removal is also an important factor in the introduction of ozone treatment.

The decolorization mechanism of ozone: With the vigorous development of molecular biology, microecology will extend the ecology to the molecular level. In fact, whether the protein or nucleic acid molecule is organic, they are all composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorus or sulfur (C, N, O, N, P, or S). At the same time, the coat of virus is composed of many The protein subunit is composed of shell particles. Each shell particle is linked by non-covalent bonds and is tangled together symmetrically. The protein is composed of multiple chains and the nucleic acid is composed of linked nucleotide chains. Of these, OH, as a whole, is electrically neutral (R-OH), but if viewed from the inside of the group, part of it has more negative charges (such as oxygen atoms) because of this part of the group. (R-OH) has "additional" bonding electrons, so it is negatively charged: the other part has more positive charges (such as hydrogen atoms), and this part of the group lacks bonding electrons, so it is positively charged. If there is another similar group close to each other, positive and negative charges attract each other to generate a weak bond, which is called a hydrogen bond, such as between polypeptide groups or between nucleotide thiol groups and DNA or RNA molecules. The thiol groups in the pair are all likely to form hydrogen bonds. Although a single hydrogen bond is very weak, many hydrogen bonds together to form a tough cell wall in plant cells. Now look at ozone, it is a strong oxidant, high oxidation potential (2.07ev). Any element with high electronegativity can strongly attract electrons, oxidize each other, and restore oneself. Oxidation results in nucleic acid breakdown, protein disintegration, antigen denaturation, negative detection, and chroma fade.

Industrial Odor Control and Ozone

In relation to the property and casualty restoration industry, ozone gas generation is most utilized to remove odors in clothing caused by bacteria and smoke. In this case, an ozone room is used where all odorous clothing is hung on racks and exposed to ozone gas for 24-48 hours, depending on odor severity. The ozone generator is left outside of the room and a short connecting hose allows the ozone to flow into the room. Ozone is slightly heavier than air and will only stratify in very calm environments. The diffusivity of ozone allows it to spread readily throughout a room. It is advisable to place a small circulating fan in the room to help the gas to dissipate and penetrate well.

Although ozone is very powerful, it is very unstable and begins to decompose instantly. Its half life ranges from a few seconds to several hours. When ozone comes in contact with organic compounds or bacteria, the extra atom of oxygen destroys the contaminant by oxidation. Ozone decomposes to oxygen after being used so no harmful by products result.

Ozone will neutralize virtually all organic odors, specifically those that contain carbon as their base element. This will include all the bacteria and fungus groups as well as smoke, decay, and cooking odors. Ozone is not as effective on inorganic odors like ammonia, phosphates, nitrates, sulfates, chlorides, etc.

Ozone is a toxic gas. However, it can be used safely when deployed by specialized generators under proper considerations. The odor of ozone is detectable by most people at a level of 0.003 - 0.015 ppm and becomes intolerable to most people at 0.15 ppm. The general consensus is that when you can smell ozone gas, it's time to evacuate the area of life forms. Ozone use is regulated by OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Agency, and it has stipulated that the safe allowable level or residual ozone is 0.1 ppm as a weighted average for an 8-hour day. Over exposure to ozone affects our respiratory system. Symptoms such as watery eyes, coughing, heavy chest and a stuffy nose will indicate that the gas is reaching high levels.

The benefits of using ozone for restoration work are fantastic. Smoke odor molecules that infiltrate all porous surfaces can be permanently removed by ozone gas. Only ozone will work on the most stubborn of all odor molecules, that being protein. Odors associated with dead bodies, and other forms of decay, like freezer failure have long resisted normal chemical deodorizing attempts. Ozone again has the potency to neutralize even these contaminants.

One of the most positive features about ozone is that it performs its work, and then reverts back to normal oxygen within 15 to 30 minutes. However, other safeguards must be observed besides evacuation. Due to its oxidizing nature, ozone attacks and degrades natural latex rubber, thus a laminate like silica should be applied to car and freezer door moldings. Ozone also breaks down, and thus oxidizes faster in the presence of moisture. Even high relative humidity can increase its action. Hydrogen Peroxide, a mild bleach, forms when ozone is exposed to sufficient moisture, so certain textiles should be removed.


Ozone is Allowed for Direct Contact with Food

August 13, 1999
 - FDA issues 21CFR Part 173.368 giving ozone GRAS approval for use on all meat and poultry products.
December 23, 1999 - FSIS published final rule approving the use of ozone in meat and poultry products.
December 17, 2002 - USDA issues FSIS Directive 7120.1 naming ozone a Safe and Suitable Ingredient Used in the Production of Meat and Poultry Products

Ozone is Approved for Use with Food.
The USDA and FDA have approved ozone as an antimicrobial agent for use with food processing. With regulatory approval, ozone has become a great option for cost-effectively disinfecting food.

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Industrial Odor Control and Ozone
1.  What is ozone?
Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidants available, destroying bacteria,viruses, mold and mildew in air, water and diverse applications almost instantly and more efficiently than any other technology. Ozone's molecular structure is three oxygen atoms (O3).

2.  Will Ozone hurt me?
Once the ozone concentration fails to meet the hygiene and safety standard, we can notice with our sense of smell and dodge away or take actions to avoid further leakage. So far there is no one death reported caused by ozone poisoning.

3. Why is ozone a green technology?
Ozone is a green technology with many environmental benefits. It reduces our dependence on traditionally used, harmful chemicals such as chlorine and eliminates their hazardous disinfectant by-products (DBPs). The only by product created by ozone applications is oxygen which is reabsorbed into the atmosphere. Ozone's ability to disinfect in cold water also saves energy.

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Industrial Odor Control and Ozone
catalog : 
Air source ozone generator 
ozone concentration (10mg/l -30mg/l )
model ozone production source power 
HY-0022g/h air source 60w
HY-004 5g/h air source 120w
HY-00510g/h air source 180w
HY-00615g/h air source 300w
HY-006 20g/h air source 320w
HY-00330g/h air source
water cooling 
HY-01540g/h air source 
water cooling 
HY-01550g/h air source 
water cooling 
HY-01660g/h air source 
water cooling 
HY-01680g/h air source
water cooling 
HY-017100g/h air source 
water cooling 

oxygen source ozone generator 
ozone concentration ( 80-100mg/l )
modelozone production cooling power 
YT-01510g/h air cooling680w
YT-01515g/h air cooling 780w
YT-01620g/h water cooling 850w
YT-01630g/h water cooling 950w
YT-01640g/h water cooling 600+air compressor 
YT-01750g/h water cooling 650+air compressor 
YT-01760g/h water cooling 700+air compressor 
YT-01780g/h water cooling 800+air compressor 
YT-018100g/h water cooling 950+air compres
air source ozone generatoroxygen source ozone generator


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