The 6 Best Kitchen Trash Cans Of 2022

2022-04-29 08:13:33 By : Mr. Tom Li

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Delish editors have very strong opinions

In the world of kitchen tools and gadgets, it's easy to overlook the trash can. While seemingly basic, it's a crucial part of every kitchen. From keeping your kitchen clean and safe to hiding funky odors, trash cans may just be one of the most underrated kitchen essentials. And, when we asked our Delish editors about their favorites, they had very strong opinions.

The best kitchen trash cans not only keep your space tidy and odor-free, but also make cooking a breeze. After all, no one likes fumbling with a trash can lid with dirty hands (perhaps after forming the patties for these chicken burgers) or dealing with ones that are difficult to open and close. When researching the best kitchen trash cans around, we sought out the advice of Delish editors—and they had a lot to say. Taking their recommendations into account, we made sure to include products that come in various shapes and sizes and have different features such as odor control, hands-free lids, and dual compartments.

After years of using cheap plastic trash cans, Deputy Editor Rachel Tepper Paley purchased the iTouchless SoftStep kitchen trash can and has never looked back. "The pedal means that I never have to touch a dirty trash lid, the design keeps in gross smells and helps my kitchen feel fresh, and it also looks a heck of a lot nicer than what I was using before." Made of fingerprint-proof stainless steel, this heavy-duty trash can also has a replaceable AbsorbX Odor Filter to keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

When shooting videos in the Delish test kitchen, there are times when Assistant Food Editor Justin Sullivan needs to toss a ton of garbage. Good thing that Glad's 74-liter kitchen trash can can hold a lot. It features antimicrobial protection that keeps odors at bay. And, with a foot pedal operation, you can easily open the lid hands-free.

The SensorCan kitchen trash can has proved a lifesaver for cookbook author and recipe developer Jason Goldstein, especially when working with meat or fish. "It allows you to open the lid by waving your hands to discard scraps," said Goldstein. "Kitchen garbages can get quite stinky, but the SensorCan has AbsorbX filters which help control odors." Bonus: You never have to worry about batteries, because this trash can has an AC power adapter.

The Simplehuman Slim Step Can has moved with me between apartments and roommates and still works like a charm. Its slim design allows it to fit easily in tight spaces (which is great for my kitchen layout) and its heavy-duty stainless steel construction has a silver-ion coating that resists germs and messy fingerprints. But, you'll rarely have to touch this trash can because it has a large pedal for easy opening, which makes prepping and cooking easy breezy.

This Simplehuman kitchen trash can was a game-changer for Makinze Gore, Delish Food Editor. "I never knew how passionate I felt about my trash can until now," she said. In typical Simplehuman fashion, this kitchen trash can is made out of durable stainless steel with a silver-ion coating, but also features two compartments for easy separation of trash and recycling. It also features a liner pocket, which dispenses trash bags right inside the trash can so you never have to fumble through your cabinets for them.

Julia Smith, Director of Video, is obsessed with the Brabantia Bo Touch Top Nine-Gallon Trash Can. It has two removable inner buckets (one six-gallon and one three-gallon) to easily sort trash from recycling. The space-saving design is great for small kitchens and the soft-touch lid stays open while in use. And, it's easy to clean up the crumbs that often accumulate near kitchen trash cans because it stands on four legs.